Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brain dump

Time for my September brain dump! 

My friend Camille showed me this SYTYCD dance that was so touching....I know that addiction is a serious thing that can totally overtake your life, and this dance perfectly illustrates that I think. I love it. It gives me chills everytime. 

Sunday I made mexican pizza...it was AMAZING. I got full off of 2 slices...and I'm usually the kind of person that will only eat 2 slices, not because I'm full, but because I don't want to get chubby cheeks. But with this pizza, I was actually full...it was awesome. 
All it is: 
-1 can black beans (mashed up) and add chili powder & cumin to that to taste (around 3 teaspoons each). Mix together good until it's a spread-like consistency. There's no meat in the recipe but you don't miss it! I promise!
-chop up jalepenos or serrano peppers, red onion, yellow bell pepper and sautee them
-chop up spinach leaves, tomates, cilantro. 
-Put the black bean mixture on your pizza dough (we used a pre-made one), then spread the onion/pepper mixture, and add dashes of hot sauce throughout...then top it off with the spinach, tomato, and cilantro. Then spinkle cheese on top. Seriously....so good. Super spicy (gave us fire butt for days) but you can control how spicy it is. 

We invited my freshmen roommate Ashton to eat with us...she's lucky we let her have a slice. 

 Today is my mom's birthday! Thursday was my dad's birthday. I have the best parents in the world. 
No, I really do. 

Wedding Ideas

This would be a cute picture with my two oldest nephews. Can't wait to see all my nieces and nephews lookin all schnazzy!

Love this picture idea as well! 

Fun sign idea...that would be easy to make, right? Maybe? 

I thought this would be a hilarious idea. The guests could fill out this mad lib while they waited for us to arrive...which may take a while, knowing us. I'd love to read them so maybe somehow we could get them back. 
We're also having a photobooth at the reception...oh and I bought the blue skirts down there for my bridesmaids so I need some ideas of what to pair with it! 
I love this planning business.
We need to find an affordable, yet somewhat nice apartment in Utah County. But that sentence alone is an oxymoron. We also need jobs. But I graduate in 7 months so hopefully a big girl job is coming my way. 
I can't wait for Christmas. 
School is KILLER this year! 

There's my brain dump. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Thoughts

Just thought I'd share some inspiration I got today while doing homework...isn't it funny how inspiration comes when you're writing about coronary artery disease? Nothing like a little blood and guts to get my creative juices flowing. 
My colors are: mustardy/yellow/gold, navy blue (stripes), and creme. 

I'm obsessed with this mustard color. 

I'm thinking about buying these blue skirts for the bridesmaids--then having them wear a creme top and creme shoes and have a golden bouquet.

And here's how I want to do my hair...I think...I have a ruffled queen anne neckline on my dress so I don't want to cover it up with my hairy hair. I was planning on half up/half down but I think I'm gunna have to resort to a traditional updo. So I guess I'm trying to find an updo that still has a little style to it. All the ones I got in high school were dreadful (besides junior prom...I still love that one). 

That's all for now!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Corn cobbing, hair parting kind of folk

Well we just had our official first fall weekend together in Provo...ever....it should have been a lot more eventful but sometimes you just need a lazy day..or 3. 
Friday it rained. We had excellent intentions of going out and getting stuff done but as soon as we heard that first raindrop, we ran to Pita Pit and put our lazy shoes clothes on. I'm not sure I even put makeup on that day...it was that lazy.

Saturday we went to the temple and to the BYU vs Utah game...aka our biggest rivals. We got murdered, brought back to life, then murdered again. That's all I'm going to say...

Sunday I had a brazillian church meetings. One with the Bishop (we get the bi-monthly interviews now until March 9th, yipee!) Then we had corn on the cob but we cooked it on the stove like this: 

And it tasted so good, it made our faces go like this:

Delicious. The corn was pretty yummy too. 
I took this picture because Ryan parted his hair on the side like a little boy and it looked adorable. He wore it to church and everything! I melt...I melt... 
Today we danced in the living room while he sang a song to me in spanish. There's something about dancing with my sweetheart that makes me fall in love all over again, even if we're just joshin. 
Love is good. 
Eternal love is better. 
"To give ourselves totally to another person, as we do in marriage, is the most trusting step we take in any human relationship. It is a real act of faith-faith all of us must be willing to exercise. It we do it right, we end up sharing everything-all our hopes, all our fears, all our dreams, all our weaknesses, and all. our. joys.....with another person." 
-Jeffrey R. Holland

Am I making you gag yet?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's about that time....

....for a new blog, wouldn't you say?
I'll definitely miss this little guy. There's so many memories captured there from 2008-2011. I can't believe I had that blog for three years! 
But Team Lawter is about to be established & I think Team Lawter needs it's own blog. 
March 9th, 2012  is the day it's all going down. Here. And here
[mark your calendars-we can't wait to party with you!] 
Here's the real reason for my lack of blogging: We have been on so many vacations since we got engaged a month ago that I can hardly keep it all straight. Good gosh. Vacations are awesome...but I just want to sleep in my own bed. But now my own bed is a new bed in Utah so I just want to get adjusted to my new bed...ugh..so much craziness. But a lot of happiness too so I need to stop complaining. 

We got engaged August 13th. 
August 15th Ryan left to go to Utah. 
August 16th my new nephew Elway Thijs was born! 
August 17th I left to go to Utah. 
August 17th again, we drove to St George and stayed with a family friend. Did lots of eating, swimming, eating, lots of laughing, some more eating, and 4 wheeling up a beautiful mountain and playing in the waterfalls at the top! So much fun and so much food. I'm still recovering from a back to back Sweet Tooth Fairy and See's Candy stop. 

August 19th we left for California! Our first stop was the Newport Beach area for my sweet friend Camille's wedding where I was a bridesmaid. I love love...it's digustingly wonderful. 

Then we headed down to San Diego from there! 
One word for you: HEAVEN. Everyday since being there I've wanted to go back. 
I've always held a special place for it in my heart, but now more than ever.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting members and missionary friend's of Ryan's. SO cool to see the lives he's touched. And they fed us awesome carne asada, so that was nice too. 
We headed up to LA after a day or so in San Diego to go to....

THE PRICE IS RIGHT! (it airs 9/19/2011) 
We stood in line from 4:30am-1:00pm..horrible. 
But getting in the studio and seeing Drew was worth it. He's a really really nice guy. 
Oh and we were on the third row...so you might want to watch it. Cuz you'll see us. 
[not on stage though..unfortunetly.] 

Not only do I love the climate of SD, but the beaches...don't get me started on them beaches...
The best part was boogie boarding in a tank-top suit and having a wave crash over my head, bringing my top down with it. I was caught off guard by the wave and didn't notice anything until I looked up and saw an old man 10 feet away gawking at me with his mouth wide open....gross...welp, I made his day that's for sure. Ryan was behind me the whole time and could tell something was up so he came running over. When I told him what happened, the first thing he said was, "Man I can't never catch a break!" ...maybe next time. 

We ate sooo much good food..it's amazing I didn't gain 100 pounds. This place did us all in though..Hash House a Go Go. Disgustingly large portions. You know Buca de Bepo where they bring it out family style? Well an individual entree is the size of a family entree there. And it didn't even taste that good. Spare me the thunder thighs....

The temple looks unreal in pictures. And I found out that day that it looks unreal in person too. 

So fun to meet Martin and Vivian! Both were key players in Ryan and I surviving the mish. 

After our Cali trip we headed to Vegas to visit Ryan's extended family. I dragged Ryan and his mom to Serendipity at Caeser's palace because I went there in NYC with my mom this winter and loved it....I think they approved too.

It was such an amazing trip. We got back to Utah to actually move in the Saturday before school started (On our drive back to UT, in the middle of NOWHERE we passed some mission friends of Ryan's on the freeway. Tender mercy? I think yes) 
Then the next weekend we were in Northern Utah with my mom. 
Then the weekend after that we headed to Texas for a cousin's wedding. 
So NOW we're finally settling into school (3 weeks later) and loving being backdoor neighbors...and being engaged. 
Being in Provo engaged is a heck of a lot better than being in Provo with a missionary. I'm sure you can only imagine. 
More to come soon! I have lots on my mind...