Monday, October 31, 2011

Old love

Ryan and I spent the weekend with my grandparents Nielsen, who are going to celebrate 60 years of marriage this summer. 

It made us laugh-seeing them shuffle to their car, 
holding hands,
taking their pills,
sitting in their matching rocking chairs with matching blankets draped across their legs. 
Totally adorable. 
They told us the story of how they met [which is something I've never really asked about] and were  captivated by their days of letter writing and once a month phone calls. 
I hope our grandkids will ask us about how we met. 

I got my veil and my lace sash this weekend too. I can't believe I'm going to be a bride.
It is truly exciting. 
And I couldn't help but hold my sash and think about passing it down. Do you think my granddaughters will be fascinated by my life? 
Or do you think they'll think I'm just plain crazy? 
I actually don't know if I want you to answer that. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Good Grief

What a weird couple of weeks this has been....

Ryan's face says it all. 
I haven't been able to breathe for 2 weeks & now I can breathe again but I get random waves of nauseousness and blood shot eyes in the morning with migraines. What the...? It gets better with diet coke and chicken though.

Somebody lock me up, right now...I feel like a menace to society with all of my random illnesses.  
It's Halloween and all I want to do is sleep.
Poor Ryan. 
At least I'm getting this all out of my system before March 9th, right? 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here we go

Last Thursday I spent the day in the ICU for my clinical rotation and cleaned up nasty old men poo the ENTIRE day. I cleaned it off the floor, out of a portable potty, off of a recliner, and even from underneath a patient himself. I also put in TWO enemas, and a suppository. It really is embarrasing for these patients and I feel bad...but at the same time, that's a kind of "service" I don't necessarily "enjoy."  By the end of the day I was was a CRAPPY day you could say. I've never seen so much poo in my life. I took two showers that night. Jk. But looking back, I should have.
The next morning I woke up and waited in line for my iPHONE!!!!!! Which made me forget all about the poo from the night before.

Here's our iHappy iPhone faces at iHop..I figured iHop was a good place to celebrate my iPhone.
I'm so in love with my phone. I know you shouldn't let wordly things make you happy, but this phone makes me incredibly happy. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

Just a cool picture I took with my iPHONEEEEEEEE

So after getting my phone and running around town showing it off, I came home and started to feel yucky. Little did I know, I was up for round 2 of this. Bronchitis!!!!!!!!! I hate you!!!!! This time my asthma kicked into supermode [I haven't had any real symptoms since I was like, 10] and I had to go to the doctor TWICE and get a breathing treatment. It was like walking down memory lane....a scary, mean, memory lane.

I think I'm on the up and up though...hopefully...
Sunday I finally got some sleep (bronchitis likes to keep me up all night) so we went for a walk around the temple.

He looked hot.

I love this man. Don't be fooled by the smile..I went home and started wheezing. 
But Ryan made me chicken tikka marsala. And even though I couldn't taste it because I was so congested, I know it was delicious!!!! 
I just accidentally deleted the picture of it, dangit! But just picture chicken, with spices on it.

Don't mind me.
I just posted this picture because I haven't gotten ready in over a week & I wanted to remember that I could actually look presentable. Self-encouargement is what I'll call it.


Monday, October 10, 2011

In case you were wondering...

....this is the best hot sauce in the world. We. put. it. on. EVERYTHING. 
eggs, sandwiches, chili, our name's on it.'s been freezing here in Happy Valley. I'm talking SNOW. It ticks me off so bad...cuz a week ago it was 85 and now it's cloudy with a chance of Ihatethecold!!!!! Unless it's December, then snow is tolerable. 

Ok, so pretty much the main reason I posted the picture of Ryan was so that my entire post wasn't dedicated to a hot sauce. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stink Week

I'm going to call last week our "stinky week." 
It was almost comical. 
Between computers crashing, 
cars breaking down,
shoes breaking,
beds breaking and falling over (see below) 

cars breaking down again,
school keeping us up until 2:30am,
money disappearing,
wedding plans getting messed up,
and cupboards emptying...and staying empty...
it was a true stink week. 
On Friday, we thought we'd treat ourselves by taking the night off and relaxing. We could have gone to the football game, but I just needed to chill for a bit. 
So we went to the freshmen cafeteria (it's soo good) and they were serving our favorite dish from freshmen year! 
Hamsters! [aka-chicken cordon bleu]

We thought our week was looking up, until we turned on the tv and watched the most epic football game of the season...instead of being there in person. BUMMER [my bad]. 

Saturday we had spaghetti for breakfast...sounds good right? 
No, it's not...for breakfast anyways. 

I don't mean to be a whiner. Last week just plain stunk to high heaven! 
But our weekend was just what we needed, thanks to General Conference
Our spirits were lifted, and I can feel this week is going to be a lot better. 
I guess that's the good thing about bad weeks. 
It usually means something good is right around the corner.