Thursday, March 22, 2012

My favorite moments

Forgive me as I am still stuck on that wedding of mine. 
Everyday I think about those 3 days [Thursday, Friday, Saturday]...those emotions, memories, and events that totally changed me. 
I've been trying to pinpoint a favorite moment. Of course, being sealed for time and all eternity, and walking out of the temple a married woman was pretty awesome. But the small moments are what I can't get over. Those moments where I thought my heart couldn't take anymore.

It was in Wednesday night when we first flew in and saw our family all gathered at my house. Everyone squealed when we walked in and said, "ARE YOU READY BRIDE?!" K seriously, it is so fun to be the bride. And to have people ask you if you're ready. What a silly question. Of course I wasn't. 

It was all the time I got to spend with my mom in the bride's room. She put my veil on, helped me with my dress, shoes, jewelry. She is my best friend, and what better person to help me with those things than the woman that I hope to become.

It was when my mom and I were waiting in the temple for the rest of the group, and I saw my groom get out of the elevator with tears in his eyes. It was our first time together in the temple. He came over to me and buried his head in my shoulders and we both cried big tears of pure joy.

It was in being in the temple with my family. Is there really anything better than that?

It was in the 30 minutes before the sealing that Ryan & I got to spend together, just sitting, and quietly talking.  And then before either of us knew it, a cute little lady poked her head and used to her finger to tell us it's time to come get married. Whoa.

It was when I got to dance with my daddy. I'm his only daughter. We danced to "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion. He is a great dancer and I loved having that moment with someone who means so much to me.

It was in going to Steak & Shake with all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen after the reception on Saturday. They were such big helpers and were so fun throughout the whole process. We all ate cheeseburgers & drank shakes until midnight and laughed about all the funny things my nephews said. Like when we first came out of the temple and I told Dade he looked handsome, and he replied, "You look handsome too!"

And then there was that time that the weather was perfect and I felt like that was God's wedding present to us, and our photographer gave us bubble gum, our reception decorations were literally PERFECT, and Ryan stuck his face up my dress, our wedding cake was delicious, we shoved it in eachother's faces, and I couldn't stop eating it, my bridesmaids/groomsmen looked awesome in their outfits, and our ring ceremony Bishop tripped over some candles, and our DJ didn't play our song list, and I felt awkward walking down the aisle, and my nephews wore bowties, our line made me cranky, our wedding party wrote "GET SOME"on Ryan's windshield, people sent us off with sparklers, and then after all was said and done...
Ryan and I went home together with Rhianna blaring and our windows rolled down. 
Things went wrong, but all is well. 
I still loved every minute. 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

My wedding day via Instagram

Last Friday, around 11:45 am, I hopped into my brother's car to go get married. It was just Kurt & and his family in the car with me (they were the first ones ready, I couldn't wait any longer). 
This song was playing in his car, totally by chance. And totally my favorite group right now. 
 I felt so at peace. 
I watched all the Nebraska fields go past me and I could feel my heart beat faster with every cornstalk. 
What is going through your mind an hour before you get married?
We came out of the temple after being sealed and took hours of pictures. We were totally kissy kissy in front of everyone and it was awesome. Someone yelled: 
"Stop that kissing!"
& so instead I grabbed Ryan's butt. 
Because I can do whatever I want!
Ryan and I were pretty late to our luncheon after the temple (shocker), so we stayed behind at the restaurant after everyone left and enjoyed our first date as husband and wife. 
Neither of us had appetites- we just sat there and drank diet mountain dew and 
stared at each other in unbelief. Almost 4 years later, and we are married. 
Suddenly everything had changed in one day's time. 
So, we got in the car, drove 3 hours home, and started our life together. 

I wish I could put into words how I am feeling right now. 
Just ask me to tell you about my wedding, and I will tell you it was pure bliss.
Here's what pure bliss looks like: a bubbling mess of tears and runny mascara.