Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Has it really been over a month since I blogged last? How embarrassing.
I have to admit, I have been in a funk. Adjusting to working full time has been a challenge for me. 
I have been awfully tired and haven't felt like doing much of anything. I just need to adjust, that's all. 
Here's what our month has been filled with: 

BACHELORETTE! I do like Emily, I do. I think she has morals and her priorities are straight. But her *fake* teeth are just a little much. I also want to hand feed her 100 cheeseburgers. No one should be allowed to be that hot. If I were that hot, I would feel attracted to myself, therefore making myself and others feel uncomfortable all the time. Jef-One-Eff is a good guy. I like him too. I still have a thing for Arie and Sean, but I think Emily and Jef (Jemily) are actually genuinely in love with each other. My biggest beef with Jef is he needs looser pants. Please. 

Yay Mitt! 

We have been filling up our weekends with going to the lake. We have a tradition of going to Steak N Shake (a local hamburger joint) after the lake and eating large amounts of grease. Elway is demonstrating the face we make after we get done eating at Steak N Shake and are in grease comas. 
"Waiter! Need. More. Cheese. Fries!" 

This weekend we are MOVING! To a deluxe apartment! It's about 15 minutes from my parents house, and 10 minutes from downtown. I can't wait! It's a bit of an upgrade from our first little apartment, and we are definitely looking forward to not having upstairs neighbors that yell in chinese and hate us. 

This was taken one evening after a long shift at the hospital. I told you Truman was trying to turn me into a "sista"...it's just the beginning. I love my job and the people there are just so..colorful. For example, there are two ladies that work on my unit that always take their breaks together-they eat, they laugh, they tell crazy stories about their "crazy a** family". They are black, and sometimes it's hard to understand black people (no offense, I love them). It's especially hard to understand them when they have their mouth full. I love sitting in the break room while they're taking their breaks. Hilarious. Also, they eat bagels and fried chicken for breakfast. I wish I was a sista. 

My job has been keeping me busy...except for the days where it gets me sick. Right now I'm battling out a nasty case of PNEUMONIA...first off I thought only old-er people got that and second off, I thought you only got it in the winter. Well I'm just plain ticked. It is really miserable and I can't wait to feel better! 

I just thought this picture was cute.
That's it for now! Until next month (ha)