Sunday, August 12, 2012


1 year ago (tomorrow) we got engaged! That was the fastest year of my life. People at work are completely baffled that I am married at 22. 
It is young, this I know (unless you live in Utah, then I was almost to old maid status). 
A nurse I work with told us the other day that it was her 30th wedding anniversary. I looked at her with excited eyes and said "Congrats! Are you doing anything fun?" She turned to me and said, 
"Honey, we hardly talk to eachother anymore. Do you think that's fun?" 
Then she told me to keep working at my marriage and don't let it get to the point where you hardly speak. All my other coworkers were encouraging her to get a divorce and "free herself" from this "burden." 
It broke my heart. 
I have always wanted to be married. Marriage is such a blessing. & I know that it's because of the gospel that I feel like that. 

Anywho--Ryan and I are still "talking" so that's good...and we're also having fun getting our place together. 
Here's some of my newly acquired cuteness to decorate our new place: 

Ta ta for now {TTFN} 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Today was my first day back at work after pneumonia, and I got sent home early which is partly {yay} but also partly {nay}. I got sent home because I didn't have a dr's note giving me permission to resume work. I felt like I was in high school again and needed my mom to write me a note for everything. Embarrassing!
But it gave me a few extra hours to do {nothing} and look on pinterest for ideas and inspiration for our new apartment! We are moved in, but haven't slept there yet because why sleep in a mess when your parents live 15 mins away and have a warm bed already available for you! 
Ryan might disagree with me. 
Here is what's inspiring me today: 

DIY ruffled curtains - Anthro knockoff!


Cute frame, burlap or decorative fabric, and your initial.

tub orders

You heard the tub. 
Drop your skinnies.