Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lawter Day 2013

I had a dream a few weeks back that I was pregnant and due around Christmas time (which I was excited about because I was, at the time of my dream, hoping to find someway to get out of working Christmas Day. Maternity leave would work, right? Too bad it was only a dream.) I had the baby and it was a baby boy, and I was told in my dream that he would be as strong as iron.
I woke up the next morning full of motherly thoughts and I turned to Ryan and said,
Anyone who knows anything about Ryan knows that he has a special gift when it comes to kids, but he is not ready to have children of his own yet, even though he will make a world class father. He shook his head at me when I made that announcement and said, "It's not the right time." I drug my feet for a few days, and then shook off the dream and agreed with him. Now is just not the time. {Although in the back of my head I'll remember that baby that's supposed to be strong as iron.}

We are having a lot of fun just the two (or should I say three) of us right now. A child will only add to the fun, but enjoying our little family right now is ok too. We had a "Lawter Day 2013" inspired by my favorite show PARKS AND RECREATION and their "Treat yo self" days. So we got Ryan a new phone, we picked out some wedding bands for my ring (to be paid for by our 2 year anniversary), ate from our favorite taco truck for lunch, & had an expensive dinner at Granite City. We had so much fun together.
We talked about the future and how if we had a human baby, we wouldn't be able to do things like this. We are enjoying these precious years right now that we have to sleep in, take lazy days when we want them, get away with not doing laundry or dishes for a week, & just doing whatever the heck we want. It just totally rocks.

For the time being, we are enjoying our puppy baby. Even though right now she has the doggie flu and is barfing everywhere. It's quite pitiful actually--she has diarrhea on top of that with chills and no appetite. Hopefully some pedialyte and beef broth combo will do the trick.
She's good prep for human babies. Except she sleeps through the night!
Ta ta for now.