Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hi there

I feel so sneaky! It's 3am and I'm at work. I told myself I would blog within the next month- lo and behold its August 15th and I'm due to blog! Ah!! So what better time to clear my head in writing when at work surrounded by screaming babies. 
This past month has flown because we MOVED! And I love our new place and new community. We haven't really made any friends yet but I just get a really good feeling being in Platte City. Lets hope it pans out...I do have a funny story about a guy we met at church, but we'll save that for my next blog post. Hopefully we're friends by then so it will be less creepy. 

We have spent a lot of time shopping lately. Here's my all time favorite aisle...and its at Marshall's: the lamps! Look at those lamps! Those are some schmexy lamps! I'm going to buy all of them! I actually might..then I can have this aisle in my house. 

I've had fun playing around with different house decor and spending all our money on house decor. For example: we bought our first couch! It comes in a week and we are already planning our future naps upon it. Minus those ugly pink pillows. 

Sorry this blog post sucks! It's now 3:30am and I need a nap! Until next time..aka next month...