Sunday, October 16, 2016


Last Monday we had a FHE (Family Home Evening) about temples (maybe our first FHE with Mack ever...yikes). We went to our beautiful Kansas City Temple to walk the grounds and talk to Mack about how special it was. So that got Ryan and I thinking that we should probably make it to the temple soon. We both had that Friday off so we found a sitter and decided to go. Ryan got onto Family Search that night just "for fun" to "see if I can find anything." He ended up finding A TON of names. His mom is a first generation mormon and so the work to do on her line is basically never ending. It is overwhelming and amazing. We were able to find a couple on his dad's line from the 1600's. Ryan got emotional as he found those names and said to me multiple times, "I think I know them." It was pretty tender. Also tender is sitting in the temple with your spouse that you cannot comprehend existing without. I am sooooo thankful to be with Ryan (& our family) forever. I take it for granted, I know. But moments like this help me realize how much it really all means to me.

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