Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A mother's body

I gave a talk in church last week and my topic was self esteem/self worth. Definitely a hard topic for me to speak on because I struggle with it a lot. It was a really good topic for me to study though. I found this post from one of my favorite blogs and this quote totally hit home to me. I need to post it somewhere so I can read it on those days when I can't stand the way my body looks.

"Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about her body image. She told me: “Sometimes I look at my daughter and think, Oh my gosh, she has my thighs, that poor girl. She has my big feet and my huge hands and these things that I always saw as being less than perfect. But she’s so completely beautiful to me. I love everything about her, including her thighs. Seeing myself through that lens helps me see my own body more kindly. All that unconditional love, how can it not extend to me, too?”


Monday, August 29, 2016

Here we go

I told myself ONCE A MONTH. Once a month I need to sit down and do some "journaling" of some sort. So here we go...

Mack is starting to watch shows more which is fantastic for my pregnant butt. He usually likes me to watch with him. Some of his favorites are Sesame Street (Melmo), Chuggington (choo) & I just introduced Blues Clues so we'll see how that goes over. Sesame Street is kinda cute and I don't mind watching that one. They throw adult jokes in there every now and again and I appreciate that. The other day he snuggled up to me (rare) and placed his hand so sweetly on my belly where his sister kicks the most. She totally starting kicking his hand and while he didn't notice, I loved the connection.

I am 24 weeks along now aka 6 months aka viable baby!! Woo hoo! Except she needs to stay in there for a good 3 more months. I'm feeling real good but I'm probably eating too much. I made a loaf of banana bread the other day and ate the whole thing myself (not in 1 day...) I kind of felt accomplished when I ate the last slice. Anyways, this girl is a lot more active than Mack ever was which is really reassuring. The nights I work she's up with me pretty much 3/4 of the night. It's fun and slightly terrifying...like...do you sleep ever or what?

Also, we bought a new car! Ok, well, it's used, but new to us. It's a 2013 Chevy Traverse with about 30,000 miles on it. It has everything we wanted (3rd row seats, all wheel drive, and a back up camera) plus it's kinda pretty. We were really nervous to buy a new car but have been so happy with our purchase so far.

This kid is making me laugh on the daily. This last week I have felt myself grow as a mom in that I can handle his freak outs so much better than I used to, especially in public. I don't get quite as flustered anymore. I'm trying to see things from his perspective and understand why he gets frustrated instead of just getting mad because he's mad. I'm not perfect and somedays I still have to lock him in his room for a sec while he screams it out but...we're getting there...Oh and he still likes to pinch/slap/pull hair so we're working on that one too...
Ryan was sick on Sunday and I managed church all by myself. I cornered him in a pew and we only had to get up and walk around twice! Ha. 
Also he wants to be his dad so bad. Always stealing his shoes, hats, etc and asking for dada. He gets so hyper when Ryan is around and just runs and screams everywhere. He also is obsessed with basketball like his dad. Hoping that sticks. Hoping all of it sticks because his dad is the best. The other day I was really really stressed about some scheduling issues we're going to have coming up here in a few weeks and he totally took charge and solved a lot of problems so I didn't have to worry about it. I cried when he told me what he had done. It meant so much for him to take that load on himself so I didn't have to. I love him a lot.

.....aaaaaaand here is Mack eating yogurt with his hands. This is pretty much how he eats anything. Grabs a big ol handful and gets about 1/2 of it in his mouth. So messy. Oy.
My favorite thing that he does now is push a chair up to the kitchen sink, climb up, ask for "wa wa" so I'll turn on the faucet, and he will play in the sink with the utensils and clean/dirty dishes for a good long time. He always gets himself and everything around him soaked, but...childhood.