Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Heart Eyes

Halloween was so fun this year. It began with me dressing up as a Royals fan at my annual family Halloween party. I couldn't not do it with my big ol' belly. I wasn't gutsy enough to do it for actual Halloween though. Then we made a trip to Great Wolfe Lodge with my whole family. My favorite part was all cramming into one hotel room and eating fries and junk food and talking while the kids ran around. Halloween ended with trick or treating with my fireman. We didn't plan to go with cousins but we all ended up at my parents house to take pictures at the same time and decided to go together. Mack had a ball running around with his cousins and getting candy. 

33 weeks 3 days--I am now 36 weeks and 2 days. WHAT. Last week is when it hit me. It being the extreme exhaustion, crankiness, and just overall feeling of being done. It's really hard to be a good mom and pick up my 32 pound son. I ache and I'm impatient and I'm insanely hungry to where eating is almost a chore because I've eaten through everything and I'm still hungry. 
Ok. Rant over. 
I had an ultrasound yesterday and she is HEAD DOWN (YES!) and is approximately 6 lbs with a head full of hair. As hard as the last month of pregnancy is, I love being pregnant. I love feeling her move. I love anticipating what she's going to look like, who she's going to become. Motherhood is a privilege and I hope I can remember that on my hard days.

Pictures like this remind me of that privilege. That, and watching him sleep. 
Allll the heart eyes!