Saturday, February 4, 2017

My little girl

 I figured it was time for me to get back to blogging and to blog the birth story of our beautiful


I was due 12/19 with Remi. I was induced with Macklin at 41 weeks & I was so hoping that my body would show signs of going into labor on its own with #2. But it really didn't, besides dilating to a 2/75%, which is exactly what I was with Mack. I was really diligent about walking everyday with this one too...I was strangely obsessed with her being in a good position this time around. I guess my biggest fear was getting a c section and the recovery that would ensue with a toddler at home. But! That didn't happen & I digress. 

With the holidays approaching and the risk of having a Christmas baby getting higher and higher I decided to get induced at 40 weeks and 1 day. My biggest 2 fears with being induced again were 1) C section 2) my epidural not working AGAIN. So, this was my scared face that early Tuesday morning of my induction on 12/20/2016.

My labor experience was a lot more uneventful. They started the pitocin around 9-9:30, broke my water around 1...which was a really funny sensation. I never experienced it with Mack. I went to the bathroom shortly after it happened and just sat on the toilet and laughed because it totally felt like I was peeing myself and couldn't stop. I tried to put off getting my epidural as long as I could because of what happened the first time (one sided and only lasted for an hour, so I got another one just to have the exact same thing happen. Yowza.) I finally got to a 4.5 around 3 pm, and I was starting to hurt A LOT. So I thought labor was picking up, but an hour and a half later, I had gone back to a 4. Ugh. I was so discouraged and in so much pain, so I reluctantly agreed to the epidural.
But let me tell ya. My epidural this time was PERFECT. Gah, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I felt instantly relaxed and was even able to get in a small nap while my body did all the work on it's own. Glorious. I went from a 4 to baby in my arms in like 2-3 ish hours. It also wore off enough at the end that I could feel when I was pushing. I DEFINITELY felt when it was time to push but that was a good thing because it helped me push effectively. She was out in less than 15 minutes of pushing (as opposed to 90 minutes with Mack!) I told Ryan to play some music while I pushed, and Ben Rector's song "Brand New" just happened to come on when she made her grand appearance out of me.

As I was pushing my dr asked if I knew how to braid because she had a TON of hair. I still get tons of comments on it. It is a glorious, thick, long head of dark hair (thank you heartburn...the wivestale was true for me). But, I love it so much. All the nurses in the nursery would tell me "She's so beautiful! We can't get over her!" which I know means a lot coming from a nursery nurse (I am one...& we are the harshest judges of baby's cuteness! haha!) Anyways, it's always fun to hear you have a beautiful baby. Because every parent thinks that. Not that it matters. Also it was so funny when they brought her back to our room after her bath. A big old black nurse brought her back in and said "You got yourself a good baby. She be straight chillin!" Ha. Made me laugh. Anyways.... 

Mack got to come meet her within the hour and he didn't seem freaked out at all. Actually this whole process with him has been amazing. He can't walk past her without kissing her. He will share toys with her, bring her a binky when she cries, cover her with a blanket..I mean, it's ridiculous. He is the sweetest big brother. He rarely gets upset when she is in full blown freakout mode either. It almost seems like he was waiting for her, like being a big brother is what he was sent to do. I pray that they always have a good relationship. She is a lucky girl. 

I love this picture for some reason. She's like "Oh Lawd what happened to me!" 

She was a grunting quite a bit after birth so some of my NICU friends got to come to my delivery room and give her some CPAP. It freaked me for a second, but I knew she was in good hands. She never had to leave my room and got over it real quick. This picture was after the drama had settled. She was so bright eyed and calm, just checking everything out. She felt so tiny to me, even though she was 7lbs 10oz and 20 1/2 inches long. 

So sleepy. Soooooo sleepy. 

I am so happy to have my little girl. One of my new favorite songs sums it up:

Today's a day like any other
But I am changed
I am a mother
Oh in an instant
And who I was has disappeared
It doesn't matter, now you're here
So innocent
I was lost for you to find
And now I'm yours and you are mine
Two tiny hands, a pair of eyes
An unsung melody is mine for safekeeping
And I will guard it with my life
I'd hang the moon for it to shine on her sleeping
Starting here and starting now
I can feel the heart of how
Everything changes
My heart's at the wheel now
And all my mistakes
They make sense when I turn them around
Everything changes
What I thought was so permanent fades
And I swear I'll remember to say we were both born today
Oh, and it's true
What did I do to deserve you